Kirsty Law River Tweed tour at the Wee Crook

Songs, Stories and Music at the Wee Crook

Monday 3rd July – We have a really lovely evening in prospect on Monday, joining folk singer and songwriter Kirsty Law on the first night of her tour down the River Tweed, Meander: Songs from Source to Sea.

We’ll be celebrating the start of her journey and sharing songs, stories and music from the local area.

Please come along and bring an instrument with you if you would like – this is an evening for sharing and participating! Kirsty is intrigued to hear Tweedsmuir’s song about Jeanie, the celebrated landlady of the Crook Inn, which we revived last year…

The event is free, and the bar will be open.

Come if you can, and help make the Upper Tweed valley a memorable stop on Kirsty’s journey to the sea.

Any questions? Just get in touch!