Exterior view of the Wee Crook

You can see just how lovely the old steading building is, now that the refurbishment is complete. The inside is just as good as the outside!

There is space for 40 covers, with a light, well-equipped kitchen and manager’s office. Anyone who came to the hugely successful Rhubarbfest held on the Platinum Jubilee weekend will have had a chance to look around and use the facilities.

The whole Crook site has changed quite a bit, with a single clearly-defined access from the main road, leaving areas for parking, picnicking and recreation. The leaky flat roofed extension at the rear of the main building has been demolished, making the old Crook building itself watertight and secure.

We would love to get the Wee Crook open regularly as soon as possible. Anyone interested in finding out more about this exciting opportunity should email for more information enquiries@tweedsmuir.scot