Entrance to the Wee Crook being created

Local residents and passers-by can’t fail to have noticed the work that has been going on at the site of the Crook Inn. Phase 1 of the redevelopment plans is well underway, with the refurbishment of the old steading building to form The Wee Crook cafe and licensed bistro.

The site itself has changed quite a bit, with a single clearly-defined access from the main road, leaving areas for parking, picnicking and recreation. The leaky flat roofed extension at the rear of the main building has been demolished, making The Crook itself watertight and secure.

But the biggest changes are with the Wee Crook itself. The building has been extensively repaired with new roof beams, solid floor and windows. New services have been laid on, including installation of enormous septic tanks for drainage in the grounds to the other side of the main road – the development is as future-proof as we can possibly make it.

Although COVID and supply chain issues are a challenge, we hope that the Wee Crook will open its doors in the spring.